MAY 16, 2013

"Epic Dale / An LES Ode to Radio and Cocktails"


"This is from the guys who brought you the Brooklyneer. Just picture a time when incredibly handsome microphones and on-air signs and extremely plush couches and fireplaces were a part of everyone’s daily existence, and you’ve got this place. So long as you toss some rye-Carpano-Antica-Ramazzotti-and-orange-peel cocktails into the fantasy."

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DNA info New York 

MAY 16, 2013

"Hill & Dale Opens on Lower East Side for Booze-Lovers and Audiophiles"


"Hill & Dale, which takes its name from the process used to create phonograph cylinder records, officially open Wednesday at Allen and Delancey streets in the former Mary Queen of Scots bar space. The gastropub and bar, which will serve small plates of classic New York dishes, comes from the creators of The Brooklyneer that brought a flavor of the outer borough to the West Village in 2010. "

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The Village Voice

MAY 16, 2013

"Hill & Dale Opens on Allen; Here's a First Glimpse"


"A neon gramophone hung in the window gives a clue to what's inside the deceptively large space at 115 Allen, a Salvation Army store turned a number of failed concepts -- including the former Scotch-fueled hangout Mary Queen of Scots -- that's been given fresh life by Hill & Dale, which opened last night. The new joint is named for the earliest method of recording sound, and it pays homage to the history of that technology with a slew of musical tchotchkes (though you're more likely to hear top twenty pop hits on the speakers than a crackly old record from yesteryear). "

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New York Times 

OCT 16, 2013

"Hill & Dale: Lounge on Lower East Side"


"By now, many New Yorkers have experienced the novelty of an $18 deconstructed Sazerac served by a sanctimonious mixologist in Prohibition-period dress at some spurious speakeasy. Though the old-timey trope continues at Hill & Dale, the Volstead Act is repealed in favor of an unpretentious cocktail lounge destined for midweek trysts and co-workers’ birthdays."

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Find. Eat. Drink. 

May 14, 2014

"Where Chefs Eat Ramen After Midnight"



"One of the best kept secrets amongst chefs and bartenders is the late night pop-up ramen restaurant called Benkei. At midnight, the Lower East Side restaurant Hill & Dale transforms into Benkei, offering a menu with seven different ramens, as well as gyoza, chicken karaage and edamame appetizers. Chefs like Ryan Hardy from Charlie Bird, the kitchen staff from Blue Ribbon Sushi and Uncle Boons, and bartenders from Estela and Attaboy are just a few of the industry folks slurping noodles late into the night.

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Hollywood Reporter 

​April 30, 2015

Kristin Wiig "Welcome to Me" Afterparty


"Other stars spotted at the screening included Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis, Meredith Vieira, Leslye Headland and Mamie Gummer. After the movie, guests attended the afterparty at Hill & Dale, where they were served signature cocktails like the Lucky Lotto, made with Svedka's grapefruit-jalapeno-flavored vodka."

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​April 30, 2015

Welcome to Me


New York comedians join Kristen Wiig at the screening of her new film.



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​May 8, 2015

Jared Leto Dines at Angelica Kitchen; Kristen Wiig Celebrates at Hill & Dale


"This week in New York, Madonna hosted a gathering for fashion-industry friends at Omar's, Kristen Wiig and her crew (which included Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie) feted her newest film at Hill & Dale, and Jennifer Garner ate breakfast at the Baccarat Hotel. Read all about it in this week's Celebrity Settings."

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